Next PEACE chess club (Jan 31, 2014) will be a USCF rated club tournament for club members only. Everyone will need to have their USCF memberships up to date in order to play (you can pay me at the door if need be) ... otherwise the tournament is free. This will be a Quad tournament where we will divide everyone into sections of four players based on their USCF ratings. Each section will play 2 or more rounds depending on available time. I will play in the top section if there is an odd number of players. The bottom section will have either 4 or 6 players, depending on how many players show up. Time control will be G/30;d5 (30 minutes on each clock with a 5 second delay). Recording your games with chess notation is required for 4th grade and older. We will be testing my new tournament software, so you'll want to bring your iPhones, iPads, etc to report your results and see the latest standings. And, please bring your clocks and sets if you have them.

Coach Ross